“I told you. I just saved his life. Well… not only once.”

Rainclouds gather in the distance, a thunderstorm is on the horizon. The figure of a lone woman enters the screen, intently watching the forest in anticipation as the wind shifts. A green creature rises its head, identified on sight as a Dragon. She leaps down the cliffs, closing the distance to the ancient creature. The first chapter of the story begins.

In a clearing still untouched by the brewing turmoil, a youth clad in red armour reads a paper that suggests a war might be approaching. Moments later, soldiers on horseback pass by, some of them halting to question the young man. He draws his sword, but before the provocation takes a violent turn, they are interrupted by the preying creature. As the soldiers scatter, the youth attempts to outrun the monster, but suffers a dangerous blow and is about to be forced to face it head-on— In a flash, a woman drops from the cliffs above and pulls him out of immediate danger. They hide in silence as the monster continues to wreak havoc until, eventually, it leaves.

To the agitated youth, the woman explains that what he just saw is a Dragon, a creature of legends — not much of an explanation at all. As an afterthought, she mutters how strange it is for a Dragon to be employed when “that village could’ve been easily destroyed without”. Alarm bells going off in his head, the youth ignores her nonchalant statement that it’s unlikely for there to be anything left of Seles by now, and rushes off towards his village.

The woman makes no effort to stop him, but to her astonishment, a light emits from an object in her possession as he disappears from view. She gazes after him in disbelief.

Second Encounter

Dart’s new quest starts as he leaves his second childhood home once more in order to rescue Shana, his childhood friend who has been taken to Hellena Prison. With the help of Lavitz, a knight loyal to the Kingdom of Basil, the three of them are able to make their way out. Not up-to-date with the state of the country of Serdio after having been away for five years, Dart learns that Basil is at war with the Imperial Sandora, as the re-emergence of Dragons has broken the balance and the truce. To his companions, Dart mentions that he owes his life to a passing warrior. He also shares the story of his past with the two and shows them a memento of his father’s, a shining stone. Lavitz suggests Dart and Shana come with him to speak with his king; as royalty with a long history, Basil’s minister may have information on the Black Monster that Dart is pursuing.

Though the newly acquired knowledge in Capital Bale does not prove to be fruitful due to lack of records, Dart, inspired by his new friend’s passion for his country, and unwilling to continue living solely for himself, decides to join Lavitz to prevent more bloodshed in the senseless war. When they take the night watch at the fortress of Hoax, they are nearly overwhelmed by an enemy far stronger than elite soldiers. However, just as Dart is about to receive the opponent’s final blow, a distant light pierces through the night sky — and again the woman, this time winged, armed and in full armour, swoops down to save his life once more. With her sword pointed at him, she commands: “Wake up! Dragoon of the Red-Eye Dragon!”

A red light emits from his father’s stone and envelops Dart in red flames as he transforms into something similar to his saviour and causes the remaining soldiers to flee. Both the woman and Dart transform back. Relieved to see Shana safe, Dart passes out.


As Dart regains his consciousness, he hears an alarmed Shana question the strange woman, evidently attributing Dart’s state to the her doing.

Recognizing his two-time saviour, he introduces her to his companions and thanks her, though she brushes him off: “I don’t need any thanks. I wanted to do it.” Upon his remark that it’s too much of a coincidence for them to run into each other again, she admits to having followed him after recognizing the artifact he carries: the Dragoon Spirit of the Red-Eye Dragon. Its shining light symbolizes that its holder deserves to rule Dragons: Dart has been chosen as a new Dragoon, and it is a fate he must accept. When asked whether or not she protected Dart solely because he carries a Dragoon Spirit just like her, the woman shows surprise at her own actions, and explains that their group reminds her of “[her] dear old friends” who lived amidst the chaos, yet managed to seize their own fate in order to protect the ones important to them.

Dart: Can I ask you one thing? What are they doing now?
Rose: Everybody’s gone. It’s all in the past.
Shana: I am sorry. I think I was wrong about you, Rose.
Rose: It’s okay. I am used to being hated.

The knights fighting for Basil are losing more and more control as the war progresses, as Humans cannot possibly defeat the Dragon employed by Sandora. Rose reminds Dart that with his new power, he ought to be able to take down the dragon. The two of them resolve to fight for the Kingdom of Basil — Dart immediately so, Rose—

I’ll go too. … … It doesn’t seem to be enough if it is only Dart and the others.

Neither the player nor Rose herself really know why she’s joining the group; the vagueness in her reasoning is brought up again later. After she gives Dart (and thus the player) a tutorial on how to fight as a Dragoon, they head out together.