Chapter 6: The Paragon

A collection of essays regarding elements of Rose’s visual, technical and narrative design, exploring her roles within the context of the game and the JRPG genre.

Symbolism “Darkness signifies the uneasiness, black signifies the sorrow. They are the colors of Rose.”
Mechanical Design “Someday, something will happen, and if you cannot chasten your insanity, I wonder if you will be able to endure it?”
The Protagonist Role “Rose, I see the end of your agonizing journey. The young man there will awaken the old you, and lead you to the future.”
Theme Song I hope we stay when tomorrow becomes today…
A Contrast to Lloyd “The blood-smeared road might be the only way to lead us to the world we desire.”
Kindred Spirits “Thank you. You reminded me of what’s important.”
The Female Narrative “Oh, I am a woman too.”