Miscellaneous Quotes

Lines Rose says that aren’t anywhere else on the shrine.

A selection of lines spoken by Rose as well as lines about her. Some of these are humorous, others are thoughtful, but all of them were not featured anywhere else on the shrine, at least not in their entirety. As you can see, the bulk of this consists of light-hearted conversations — many of which tease Dart or Rose about the nature of their relationship — from the most relaxing and playful chapter of the game, Disc 2. None of them contain spoilers, with exception of Disc 4, so don’t scroll too far down if you want to avoid them.

Disc 1

He is lucky to be dead now. Greed for power eventually conquers you. Unleashed power generates only sorrow. He should’ve known that. He was lucky to die now and avoid even more sorrow.
Nest of Dragon
Dart: I’ll participate.
Ginger: That’s my man! And, who will be participating?
Dart: Of course I am. Hey Lavitz. Don’t go easy on me.
Lavitz: I’m not participating. I am a Knight of Basil. I am not eligible to participate in these kinds of competitions.
Rose: I won’t either. I don’t like the word, “dude.” Besides, it’ll spoil the competition if I participate. I’m too good.
Arena in Commercial Town of Lohan
Haschel: The tootsie over there is your friend too?
Rose: Don’t “tootsie” me. My name is Rose.
Commercial Town of Lohan
“When Dragoons meet, blood will flow and as they leave, time does slow.” It’s your choice to leave your fate behind.
Black Castle at Kazas

Disc 2

Dart: Have you seen Rose?
Meru: I dunno. Anyway, I’m totally bored!! Hang out with me! Hang out with me!
Dart: Next time.
Dart starts to leave.
Meru: It’s totally boring! I’m gonna tell Shana that you were looking for Rose!
The Queen Fury (optional)
Dart: Have you seen Rose?
Albert: No. But… Are you going to ask that question to everyone?
Dart: Yeah.
Albert: To Shana too?
He pauses and turns away.
Albert: The Human heart is more complicated than waves.
The Queen Fury (optional)
Dart: Have you seen Rose?
Shana: I don’t know.
She pauses.
Shana: You need her for something?
Dart: Well, it’s not that important.
The Queen Fury (optional)
Puler: Dart is popular with girls. He is well suited to be a man of the sea.
Rose turns towards Puler.
Rose: I don’t need Dart.
Puler: Then…
Rose turns away from Puler.
Rose: I don’t need you either.
The Queen Fury (optional)
Rose: Can I ask you what you are doing?
Albert: I was debating with myself as to which is more profound, the sea or love? Now, I am debating with myself which is more infinite, the sea or love?
Rose turns away, then turns back.
Rose: I see… Sounds like fun.

When speaking to Albert again:
Rose: And which was more infinite, the sea or love?
The Queen Fury (optional)
Meru: [A Dart spotted! Thinking about something…? I know! Hee hee hee.]
She covers his eyes.
Meru: Who do you think it is?
(Choice) Dart: No way… it’s Rose?
Meru: Of course.
Dart: Wh, what do you want?
Meru: I have something to tell ya! Oops, tell you. I, like you… Dart…
Dart: Wh, what are you saying? I, I have Shana.
Meru: Hey! Are you an idiot or what!? I have such a pretty voice, it can’t be anybody else but me!!
Dart: M, Meru…
Dart: Wha, what?
Meru: Well! I won’t tell Shana about this!
The Queen Fury (optional)
Pete: Would you please take us to Fueno! I’m afraid of the monster, but we gotta go before it’s too late!
Dart: It’s about your mother, isn’t it.
Pete: I want her to be in the hospital.
Dart: You got it. We’ll take you there.
Rose: I can annihilate the monster for you.
Dart and Pete take a few steps back.
Rose: Did I say something wrong?
Pete: Thank you! I’ll bring my ma!!
Pete runs off.
Rose: What are you looking at?
Dart: No, nothing.
Village of Lidiera
Pete: Here we are at Fueno!! Thank you! Dart and Rose!
Dart: You have to get better soon and make Pete happy.
Pete: I hope you can find your friends soon! But, are you actually in love with each other? Cuz in that cave, you…
Rose yanks him aside.
Rose: !! (You are a good boy and didn’t see anything, okay!?)
Pete: (O… okay. I didn’t see it, maybe.) It’s nothing! We are going!
Pete leaves with his mother, but runs back after a few steps.
Pete: Rose! You gotta confess to him!!
Rose chases him off.
Rose: Kids…
She looks at Dart, who has crossed his arms.
Rose: What are you looking at?
Dart hastily waves it off.
City of Fueno
Dart: Sometimes it’s scary. Well, I have some girl in my mind. And when I am with her all the time, I feel a very cold gaze on my back. It’s like a gaze that chills my spine.
Pete: Dart, watch your back.
Dart: !! R, Rose!
Rose moves closer and makes Dart squirm by glaring at him.
Rose: I think it’s just your imagination. Isn’t it? Am I wrong?
Dart: Yes, you are right.
City of Fueno (optional)
Libria: It seems everyone is here. Miss Shana, Miss Rose, and Miss Meru, please come this way… You have to change into the dresses.
Shana: Dresses? You are talking about us?
Libria: Yes I am. Princess Emille and Princess Lisa insist.
Dart: Good for you.
Meru: No thanks.
Dart: It’s not like you.
Meru: Cuz, I’m a dancer. I can’t dance well in those dresses.
Rose: No thanks for me either. I feel naked without my sword.
Twin Castle in Fletz

Disc 3

You are strong, huh? Don’t make me laugh. I wonder if you have noticed you are declining because you cling to the glory of the past? […] The ones who flaunt their power disappear when the truly powerful appear.
Forest of Winglies
Albert: I trust Dart with everything. He will bring us the right answer.
Rose: I agree.
Tower of Flanvel

Disc 4

Charle: Really, you have the same eyes as Zieggy… I know. I have been waiting for you in order to tell you everything. Now, what would you like me to tell you?
(Choice) Dart: Tell me about my father.
Charle: You are concerned, aren’t you?
Dart: Why does he have to destroy the world?
Charle: Sorry, but that is the one thing that I don’t understand.
Rose: But he was unmistakably Zieg.
Charle: Zieggy was the fiance of Rosie. They crossed both swords and love. Just looking at them made me feel embarrassed.
Rose: Stop right there. I want to talk alone with Zieg about our memories.
Dart: I agree.
Spring Breath Town Ulara