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Heaven’s Requiem, a shrine to Lenneth from Valkyrie Profile

Heaven’s Requiem is Larissa’s shrine to Lenneth from Valkyrie Profile. Like Rose, Lenneth is fully focused on her role at first; frozen in time, her mysterious past is unravelled bit by bit. The retrieving of her past memories and her own humanity are crucial elements of the story, and she eventually finds strength in her human side believed to be lost. If wrongly-labelled “death goddesses” who transcend their own role intrigue you, do pay this shrine a visit!

Lux Perpetua, a shrine to Dove from Hawk & Dove

Lux Perpetua is Robin’s shrine to Dove from Hawk & Dove. Like Rose, Dove is a powerful lead with a lot of responsibility on her shoulders and more than one role to play. Her powers were entrusted to her to carry on a legacy, and manifest when she transforms. Visit this shrine for one more woman who wields powers to serve a higher purpose!

Shrines Present and Past

There used to be many shrines to the game in the past. Very few are still standing.

Astral Drain, a shrine to Rose Blazing Dynamo, a shrine to Dart

Astral Drain, perhaps the only shrine to remain from that era, is dedicated to Rose — and it’s a marvel of a shrine, truly. The dry snark that pervades it at times makes me think I’m in Rose’s head. You’ve absolutely got to see its (spoiler-free) personality page. (Do not access any section past “Site” if you wish to avoid spoilers.)

The following is a selection of shrines no longer active, but that can be visited through the Wayback Machine. You may have to close the Wayback archive bar to see the full navigation of the few layouts that are still intact. The selection is based on the availability of archived content and content quality. Favourites are marked with a .

Other Sites and Resources

A compilation of links neither shrines nor discussions (see below) that may be of interest to you!

Further Readings

I have truly enjoyed crawling all the fandom content for the game on Tumblr even though I was four years “late” to all the posts (just as I had missed out on all the shrines of old). This shrine wouldn’t be what it is had I not seen all that passion first-hand, and several texts and discussions have influenced me and magnified my appreciation for the game. Here’s a shoutout to all of you!

The following links lead to posts and discussions around the web, mostly Tumblr, that I consider particularly interesting. Note that pretty much all of them contain spoilers.

For more posts, including fan creations not listed in the media section, see my Tumblr tag.