“I told you. You are no longer alone, Rose.”

The Legend of Dragoon: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Official art: Creative Uncut,
Game script: Shotgunnova, Endiness, the Land of Dragoons (archived)
Header fan art: dubiousdisc (commissioned and used with permission)
Graphics: Anastezia Luneva; Starsunflower Studio (background pattern); Pixelbuddha (brushes)
Header fonts: Anastezia Luneva, High Tower Text
Content fonts: Old Standard TT, Averia Serif Libre, IM Fell English, IM Fell English SC, Pt Serif
Favicon: Free Favicons
Scripts: Fancybox (v4), jQuery scroll back to top, Animated Collapsible DIV

Special thanks to Samantha for encouraging me, many Amassment members for their support, and Emrys, because without the BAB Challenge, I may never have seriously considered making this shrine.

For the revamp, thank you so much, dubiousdisc, for capturing Rose so perfectly; without you, this shrine would never have received a new layout, let alone such a thorough revamp. And a hearty thank you to Larissa for pretty much daily cheerleading over the course of three weeks, for all the valuable input, design and otherwise, for the active navigation code snippet, and for being such an inspiration when it comes to going the extra mile, as she has demonstrated on her video game shrines many times before (cue site map, active navigation, game introduction, accessibility)!! Without your trailblazing, this shrine would not have realized its full potential.


As a long-time visitor of shrines, I had always dreamt of making a shrine about a video game character, most of all because there are elements you only explore or write about on video game shrines specifically, as opposed to, say, anime/manga shrines. The following is a nod to select video game shrines, more afterthoughts than sources consciously referenced during the creation of this shrine (with one exception). I’m sure that these creations, representative of many others, must have influenced me in some way. Perhaps you’d like to pay them a visit?