The Dragon Campaign

This entire section of the shrine is dedicated to the world's past starting from over 11,000 years ago, and how it continues to affect the present, for all of it is crucial to understanding Rose – because the world's past is not mere history. What's conveniently laid out to the player in the game manual is something that the characters slowly piece together with the help of fragmented records passed down by scholars and contained in libraries across the nations – and Rose, who doesn't disclose the source of her knowledge.

With their magic power, Winglies under the rule of Melbu Frahma enslaved all living creatures, dominating the world from their floating cities as if they were gods. In time, the anger and sadness of the enslaved turned into hope, and eventually, fire: A hero rose among the Humans, and under Emperor Diaz, seven incarnations of Dragons inspired the people to take up arms through their bravery.

After a long and harsh war with countless of casualties on both sides, Humans emerged victorious. A new era began.

Though the story of the Dragon Campaign has been passed on, many elements of the war have been forgotten by time, among them being the Winglies' trump card when they found themselves outnumbered: creatures called Virages, destructive weapons that fought on the Winglies' side just as Dragons fought on the Humans'. Dragons are the second most powerful species, characterized by overwhelming attack and life power at the cost of their intelligence, which led them to be controlled by Humans. In the end, they, too, were annihilated.

At the end of the war, the Winglies perished, and the few that survived sent each of the three nations erected afterwards a divine object as symbols of peace before disappearing forever: The Moon Gem was entrusted to Serdio in the East, the Moon Dagger to Tiberoa in the South and the Moon Mirror to Mille Seseau in the North. These sacred objects, the Winglies' legacy, conceal enormous magic power only to be used by the Winglies themselves. The three royal families have been keeping the existence of these national treasures secret since, though even they do not know the purpose of the Divine Moon Objects.

As for the champions of old... Emperor Diaz died in the Campaign as a hero, along with the name of the Holy Imperial Gloriano. The Dragoons, Human heroes of the Dragon Campaign and said to be the incarnations of Dragons, crossed the sky and cast spells to lead Humans to victory. After fulfilling their roles, they vanished together with the Dragoon Spirits and became legends.

What has faded from the people's consciousness is this: Seven Chosen Ones fought at the frontlines to end the Winglies' unjust and cruel reign so as to reshape the world. Two of them met their death before the last legs of war. One blew himself up to take a Virage down with him. One gave his life to take the blow for another, who retaliated by slaying the Virage as it fired a lethal beam at her. The sixth dealt the finishing blow to the Wingly dictator, but paid for it by entering eternal petrification due to Melbu Frahma's final curse. And the last... The last survived, having lost everything.

As old legends are revived and ancient creatures become active again, one realization eventually hits you: The world's past is Rose's personal past.