The Road to Hell

Bad Ass Bitches' The Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions Challenge offers freedom of interpretation not just limited to the ways the saying is usually used. As someone on the GameFaqs forums once put it: Would you choose to save the world at the cost of being condemned for all eternity? Would you continue to save a world that does not want you in it? Rose would – and does, a hundred times over.

The hell that Rose plunges herself into is the memory of the people, history itself: She is not remembered as the hero she once was and the hero she still is, but as terror personified, nothing but a murderous beast. But Rose's hell is also a personal hell, as she sacrifices more than just her life in order to carry out her mission – because really, when everyone you once loved is gone and you have repressed all your emotions in the wake of all the killing you've done and the millennia you have lived, not even remembering how to smile, would you even call that being alive anymore?

Even so, Rose continues to stand upright and to walk the path she has chosen. Though she knows that she will never be able to wash off all the blood that she has shed, and though the people will curse her forevermore, she knows what she must do in order to protect and preserve that which her memory cherishes.