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Heaven's Requiem is Larissa's shrine to Lenneth from Valkyrie Profile. Like Rose, Lenneth is fully focused on her role at first; though they're both, in a way, frozen in time, their mysterious pasts are unravelled bit by bit as you advance in the game. Both women have several sides to them that may be in conflict with one another, but it isn't until you grasp all of them that you understand the characters in their entirety. The retrieving of their past memories and their own humanity are both a crucial part of the story, and both women eventually find strength in their human side that was thought to be lost. If wrongly-labelled "death goddesses" who transcend their own role intrigue you, you should definitely pay this shrine a visit – as you can see, there are plenty parallels to be made to Rose.

Lux Perpetua is Robin's shrine to Dove from Hawk & Dove. Rose and Dove both are powerful leading women with a lot of responsibility on their shoulders, their powers having been entrusted to them to carry on legacies. Those powers manifest when they transform, and they both have more than one role to play. Check out the shrine for one more woman who wields powers to serve a bigger purpose!


There used to be a lot of The Legend of Dragoon character shrines and fansites in the past – not anymore, unfortunately. Below are the few that remain. Note that all three feature major spoilers from the beginning, including navigations; you might want to hold off on visiting these if you still intend to play the game.

Astral Drain (Rose Shrine) (psst, you've GOT to see the personality page)
Blazing Dynamo (Dart Shrine)
Icy Dreams (Meru Shrine)

Further Readings

The following are some The Legend of Dragoon related links – not just limited to Rose – that may be of interest to you, especially in the absence of fansites. I've really enjoyed crawling the Tumblr tag even if I was four years "late" to all the posts (just as I missed out on all the shrines to this series), so shoutout to all of you. This shrine wouldn't be what it is had I not seen all that passion first-hand, and several of these texts have influenced me and taken my appreciation of the game even further. Note that pretty much all of these links contain spoilers, so I won't bother with individual warnings.

Dragon TheoryEndiness' Moon MythsStorylinesLoD Sequels Rant18/30 Days of LoD Limericks
Shana 1Shana 2Dart & Shana 1Dart & Shana 2Rose 1Rose 2ZiegMiranda 1Miranda 2

And most of all this: Claranon Plays LoD – it's a brilliant liveblog with lenghty insightful commentary, a great quote selection that shows the game's translation at its worst finest and hilarious dynamic JRPG predictions. The truly beautifully worded parts about Rose are in Part Nine, Part Ten and Part Twelve.