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Special Thanks Samantha for encouraging me, many Amassment members for their support, and Emrys, because without the BAB Challenge, I may never have started this shrine.


This section is added as an afterthought because I feel like it's worth mentioning (and well, I love promoting other people's shrines ), not because I wrote this shrine while consciously thinking of others (Todd's being an exception). I've been reading shrines for a long time, and I've always dreamt of making a shrine about a video game character, especially since there are things you only explore or write about on such a shrine – in contrast to, say, anime/manga shrines. At this point, I'd just like to mention some of the video game character shrine creators over the years that I'm pretty sure have influenced me in some way.

Aeryvae's Trust Your Heart (Terra Branford) has always impressed me due to the strong integration of Final Fantasy VI's world, going as far as including informative pages that don't specifically mention the shrined character because they serve to flesh out the context of the character's story.

Todd's Somewhere Only We Know (Sabin Figaro), perhaps more so than any other video game character shrine, has made me think about the structure of these shrines. Rather than separating the informative sections into a character development and a gameplay section (as is the case with most shrines of this category), Todd has a very clear idea how to introduce visitors – and those unfamiliar with the material above all – to the subject, so the split instead occurs between introductory and in-depth sections, neither of which are confined solely to character development or gameplay. It seems to me that Todd pays a lot of attention to how to structure shrines spoiler-wise (which perhaps reflects his shrine-reading habits!), and in the recent past, it has led me to refine my spoiler warnings with more consideration for visitors. I'm not sure I would have come up specifically with the beginning parts of this shrine had it not been for this.

Ava's Wishing Star (Rinoa Heartilly) and Roses Have Thorns (Lightning Farron) as well as Samantha's Stormfall (Aqua) are very fun and highly interesting reads due to their many original analysis pages, especially due to the way the two of them address the respective character's roles, tropes, design and their conception or status as leading female video game characters, which extends to areas outside of the specific games the characters are featured in.

Sheila Knight's Rebelling Princess (Rinoa Heartilly) contains several pages regarding the presentation and characterization of video game characters specifically; most of all, I love the page on Rinoa's body language during battles and the way she is characterized through lines by other characters in the early-game. I'd definitely love to see more of this on video game shrines, especially when they include optional dialogue.